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PEEK tube


PEEK tube/polyether ether ketone (PEEK) tube/
Polyether ether ketone (PEEK) tube

Medical grade PEEK–performance: PEEK has outstanding heat aging performance, and the bending strength retention rate of the material after heat aging at 250°C is still high. The recognized heat-resistant material PPS aging resistance test is less than 3000h, while PEEK can exceed 5000h. Commonly used nylon 66 and PBT are generally less than 500h. PEEK has excellent flame retardancy and self-extinguishing property. PEEK has good hydrolysis resistance, and the saturated water absorption rate at 23°C is only 0.5%, which is the lowest among engineering plastics. And its hot water resistance is better, and it can be used in pressurized hot water or steam at 300 °C. The fatigue resistance of PEEK is better than polyamide, even better than PES and nylon. PEEK is also an excellent radiation-resistant material. The radiation-resistant dose of PEEK electromagnetic wire is high, and its performance exceeds that of polystyrene, a general-purpose radiation-resistant material, and far superior to polytetrafluoroethylene. PEEK has excellent electrical insulating properties and, generally, very high volume resistivity. It still has a small dielectric constant and dielectric loss in the high frequency range. PEEK is resistant to almost any chemicals except concentrated sulfuric acid; it can still maintain good chemical stability even at higher temperatures. PEEK resin has outstanding sliding properties among all plastics, and it can provide excellent wear resistance properties under various pressures, temperatures, speeds and relative roughness of the contact surface. PEEK resin has good peeling properties, so it can be made Covers very thin wires or magnet wires and is used under severe conditions. PEEK has the best fatigue resistance among all resins.