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company culture


Our vision

Become a respected upstream medical device supply chain company

Our mission

Building a Learning, Skilled and Growing Organization
1、We are customer-centered and serve our customers with high quality.
2. We persevere and strive to achieve targeted innovation in the field of medical catheter technology.
3. We are unswerving and constantly improve the quality of products and processes.
4. We follow a rigorous process, focusing on clear results and significant effects.
5. We reflect on a regular basis to make the best decisions.
6. We encourage and require further development and responsible action.
7. We are always one step ahead of the competition.

Our values


Proximity is a key component to our success.

Be close to not only our employees, but also our customers and partners such as our suppliers, and become a trusted partner!


Innovation is our future.

Through continuous technological progress, we will overcome the challenges of the future: pioneering spirit, professional approach, focus on development.


Excellence represents our ambition to provide the highest level of precision and quality.

Our medical precision catheters and other products and services are at the forefront of technology. We continuously strive to create maximum value for our customers.